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Nepal Earthquake – Friends Safe

Hello everyone -

As I am sure you are all well aware by now, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake hit Nepal yesterday. Rescue efforts are ongoing and aid is flowing into the country.

Four of my friends – Matt Ambrogi, Martha Hoffman, Lili Bierer and Sophie Abo – are in the the region. All are safe.

For updates on the situation, see the New York Times live coverage here.

Sending hope and prayers to all those affected.

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Primavera a Genova!

It is 11:22AM on a sunny Saturday, and I sit at the ‘Centralino’ at the residence here in Genova as I write.

I’d like to digress from my topic before I even begin, to remark that the word Centralino in Italian is just so much better (in my opinion) than its supposed translations in English; neither front desk, reception, nor switchboard capture similar connotations of snugness and smallness. Centralino has this wonderful texture and feel to it, thanks to its diminutive suffix modifier “-ino.”

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Surprise trip to Sardinia!

Last week I had the unexpected chance to travel to Cagliari, Sardinia by cargo ship!

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Genova in Photos

robo_screenshot Here’s a screenshot from a robot simulator I am working with. I can send commands to the simulator and it responds as if it were the real robot!

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The World is Tiny

Late last night, stepping out from Ravenna’s Alighieri Theater with a good friend of mine, I happened to spot a small mosaic located high on a nearby street. I froze in disbelief, unable to process what I was seeing.

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